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Friday, May 20, 2011

Again With Heart

So now I am going to try and review some Pop-Punk. This group is called Again With Heart and they have a fairly solid sound with a super distorted guitar a powerful bass decent drums and pretty cool vocals. The guitar is really distorted (wah pedal?) and it has a couple okay riffs. Still the extreme level of distortion seem to distract from the sheer riffage sometimes. I think if the guitar had either A. Clearer Riffs or B. Less distortion it might improve the sound. The guitar has some techincal bit but overall it is not mindblowing. The bass is solid and it gets quite a few nice bits which I find extremely nice. The drums are pretty solid and they are rather creative and they remind me a bit of my friend Chris who is a band like this. The vocals are pretty good if a bit generic sounding. Still they are not quite as generic as dD. There are some death growl bits which are excellent and make the music seem a lot more aggressive. The lyrics are classic pop-punk, not overly original but still pretty cool. Overall this is a good band that could do with a bit more creativity.
OVERALL 7.5/10

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