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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Velvet Senses

So now we are on to some Alt/Punk from the band The Velvet Senses. They have a really roaringly powerful sound that is an assault onto your ear drums. They have a guitar driven sound which does a good job of incorporating the bass and drums. The vocals come in barely above the guitar in terms of volume and this gives the band a very interesting sound. The guitar has lots of roaring power chord driven riffs which help to define the music. I do feel that the riffs could be a lot chunkier and not just come across as waves and waves of distortion. There are some decent guitar solos as well and they remind me a bit of Jack White stylistically. The bass is solid but uninspired, still it does a decent job in the rhythm section. Then there are the drums which are okay, they are not overly creative but they are still fairly well done. The vocals of this band are pretty weak in feel and they counteract the roaring guitar. I do wish that the singer would let go a bit and really let loose and belt it out. Finally the lyrics are reasonably creative and cover a variety of topics. They are among my favorite parts of this bands work. All in all this is an Average Alt/Punk band that could do with some better guitar riffs and singing.

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