Chuck Schuldiner Project

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Weeping Ulcer

Yup its that time of day again, time for a Sludge Doom group called Weeping Ulcer. While typically pursuing a solid Sludge feel they are not afraid to experiment with their sound. The guitar has a lot of crusty riffs that make the music seem a lot more terrifying and at times like Black Sabbath. The guitar riffs in this band are pretty notable and overall very enjoyable, still they could be a tad more creative as the majority of the time they tend to rely on power chords. The guitar solos are pretty impressive and often melodic. The bass is steady and works solidly in giving power to the almighty guitar riffs. The drums are surprisingly light and actually remind me a lot of the drums of Bill Ward of the original Sabbath line up. In short the instrumental section of this band sounds a lot like early Black Sabbath just with a lower blues influence and slightly higher levels of distortion. The vocals on this album are fairly solid and feature some pretty sick death growls. Still it is nothing to blow your head off with. The lyrics are often dark and sad. Sometimes they are topical and they gain a lot of power that way. All in all this is a Stoner Doom band that sounds a lot like Black Sabbath but with growling vocals. I would recommend them to most metal heads as they have a pretty sick sound.
OVERALL 8.5/10