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Friday, June 10, 2011


Now I am reviewing a Hardcore group called Caulfield. They have a pretty intense sound, there's a really dark guitar, a powerful bass, creative drums and most importantly they have dark and evil growls. The guitar sound is dark and powerful and ominous and leads to some cool sounds. However I wish that there where chunkier/harder riffs, still the guitar is excellent. As I get deeper into their ep there are I find some truly brutal riffs though. However the first couple songs seem a bit weak on the riffage. The bass is also pretty solid, there are some cool fills and excellent galloping lines. The drums are extremely creative and well done and one of the best parts of this band. Then there are the sick vocals. They are extremely dark and just excrete the purest evil. This band has an evil tone that is complimented by some truly brutal lyrics. They typically deal with things like suicide and death. You know the typical cheery topics. As a band this group is excellent, they have a really powerful really full sound that is really cool sounding and it is just brutal on the eardrums. There are some amazing thing sthey do on their EP. There are times when they start out slow and then have a song that become so powerful and loud it just blows your head off. Overall this band rocks and rocks hard, I would recommend that you all go check them out.

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