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Friday, June 24, 2011

Chase Aways

So I am reviewing a cool hard rock band called Chase Aways. They have a really, interesting sound with a nice riffing guitar and a solid bass. The main problem with their sound is that the vocals are way to loud and attack your ears in a way that feels a tad off. This band has a cool riffing guitar that has a really interesting feel. There are some nice solos too and they are beautiful in their own way. The bass is extremely cool with a lot of excellent little riffs in there. Then the drums are fairly solid, they have some decent fills. Together the instruments form a nice little rock feel and they sound pretty cool. The vocals are the worst part of this band, they are okay at best and they are mixed in such a way that they hurt your ears. In all I think this is a decent band however they should probably get better mixing or a better singer.

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