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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Los Datsuns

So mexican alt rock time from a group called Los Datsuns. They have cool guitar parts, an excellent bass, reasonable drums and some of the weirdest vocals of all time. The guitar parts of this band are fairly good with some interesting riffs, but nothing is mind shattering. The bass is excellent and the bass fills are one of the best reasons to listen to this band. The drums are reasonable and the drum solo 4:48 is pretty cool. The final bit about this band is the vocals, and I am torn on them. On one hand they are innovative and have an interesting feel, on the other hand, god they can get annoying. Whereas the vocals work fine on tracks like We Did it because nobody told us it was Impossible. They sound like some sort of angry chipmunk on 4:48. I mean seriously guys, when you use your vocals on slower paced songs they are actually pretty cool, however when your singer tries to sing to fast it is just plain annoying. Overall this band is a decent band and when they use their vocals properly then they are a pretty cool group, however when they are not done right this band can just be annoying.
OVERALL 7.5/10

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