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Saturday, June 11, 2011


So here's a cool groove band called Industria, they have a very cool sound and I really just want to dance when I am listening to them. The guitar riffs made by these guys are pretty great and they just carry on the music in a cool way. The songs typically have a bass riff and then the rest of the song is based around the concept of that riff. This helps to create some great instrumental rock. In addition to the awesome riffs there are some really great solos, the guitarists in this band get my respect for technical skill. Then there is the solid bass which has a great feel and makes the music jive. Some of the bass fills in this band would impress my bassist friends with their sheer soul. The drums are also excellent, they are often creative and they use a variety of interesting techniques to keep the music bopping. However when the drums fall back on generic fills the music loses some of its magic. Overall though this band is really cool and these guys create some really cool sounds. I strongly recommend that you go and check them out, they have got it together folks.

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