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Saturday, June 11, 2011

What's Left Of Her

This next group contains possibly the best 15 year old musicians of all time, they have an amazingly symphonic sound and some great guitar work. Also they're from my old state so <3. But seriously this is an excellent band with a powerful guitar sound, cool keyboards, a solid bass good drums and some awesome growls. The guitar sound is filled with sick riffs and there are some excellent solos here all of which I find very enjoyable. This band has a keyboardist who creates an extremely melodic atmosphere with his keys. He gives What's Left of Her a symphonic feel. The bass is solid and its galloping triplets help to make this band sound really aggressive. The drums in this band have a solid feel however they are none too original. The vocals of this group are excellent and the growls have a great aura of evil around them, so, in short, they are very cool. This group has an excellent overall sound and they created a really sick album with some really melodic licks. This is a band for all fans of melodeath and metalcore. I highly recommend that you guys go check them out, like now.
OVERALL 8.5/10

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