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Friday, June 10, 2011

Instant Witness

And this band is one of those groups that makes this blog worthwhile. This is a group with an amazing garage rock sound and they have so much raw energy and power and all the magic of those 60s garage bands I love so much. This band is incredible. The guitar sound is excellent, it is heavy in a Jack White way, that is to say that some songs use lots of distortions and others significantly less. The best part of the guitar is that it just has an incredible structure. It is very catchy, it just blows my head away. The sheer energy of the guitar is beautiful, it reminds me a lot of the raw power found in the White Stripes music. There is even a solo in the song Looking At You that I had to listen too twice because it is so good. The bassist in this band is great, he features a lot of walking bass lines and he really fills out the music giving it a very full feel. The drums are typically very simplistic, reminiscent of the Stripes. However there are some really nice drum fills and a sick drum solo that prove to me that the drummer in this band truly knows what he is doing. The vocalist of this group is probably Jim Morrison reborn, this singer has the sheer power and energy in his music that you only here in the garage rock gods. The vocalist for this band, Mack Kerman is a rare genius, but nobody knows it yet. I strongly recommend that every reader of this blog go and listen to them, these guys are gods and they need recognition.



  2. No Way No How for Life \m/

  3. This band is genious! Absolutely one of a kind.

  4. these guys are great and should come to London - i dont know whether to go bowling or kill myself either.