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Friday, June 10, 2011


So, we kinda fell behind, sorry about that... Anyway I plan on catching up a bit tonight and our first review goes to an Alt Metal band called Soulnoize. They have an interesting sound which incorporates some prog elements. Their sound is often very powerful and it feels very deep. As I listen to this band I feel that I am soaring over a vast canyon filled with chaos. Really they have a pretty cool sound. The guitar work is usually pretty psychedelic seeming. For example the intro too Kingdom is one of the weirdest trippiest things that I have heard in a good long while. The bass is decent, it serves very much as a rhythm instrument along with the drums. The drums which are completely brilliant, some of the fills on this album just blow me away. I really like the drums in the track Fire. The vocals are decent, however they are kind of generic, I mean there is no particularly awesome vocals here, and sometimes they seem downright screwed up, sometimes the effects used on the vocals just don't work. The lyrics are decent but also don't really explode my head. Overall the vocal section of this band is ok but not impressive. Overall this is a decent band who you might want to check out if you like Alt Metal. But overall they are just average.

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