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Friday, June 3, 2011


So I'm continuing my recent series on comedy metal thingies and so today I am going to talk about the classic show Metalocalypse. This is an Adult Swim series which is frankly hilarious and one of the few TV series that I regularly watch. The show has a brilliant premise, excellent voice acting, and some of the greatest metal related comedy since Wayne's World. This show is a true treat for any metalhead and I really recommend that you go watch it. It is far and away the most BRUTAL show on television. It all stems from the brilliant premise that this show is entirely based on.
The whole basis of this show is that there is a death metal band called Dethklok and they have become the worlds 12th largest economy. Lots of governmental agencies are concerned about them, because the band members are pretty much all idiots. There's Nick the lead singer, who always speaks in a death growl. Toki is one of the guitarists of the group, he is known for loving animals and not really knowing how to read/speak english, he is also known for drinking straight vodka. Skwisgaar is the other guitarist, he too has english difficulties. The bassist Murderface, is constantly wondering if he is truly valued and he has a hilarious accent. Finally Pickles is the drummer for Dethklok and he has a drug tolerance that used to be unknown to mankind.
The voice acting on this show is truly one of the most magical parts. The only character who does not have some kind of bizarre form of speech is Pickles the drummer. Nick's character is voice acted as always speaking in a death growl, this gives him a dark side which is offset by his sheer stupidity. Toki and Skwisgaar often get confused with their speaking and occasionally end up speaking pure gibberish. Murderface has... something wrong with him. He has a very aggressive manner of speech and he always seems to be some form of high. All in all the voice acting is a brilliant and integral part of the show.
Finally the comedy in this show is great. Sometimes the comedy is based around metal clichés but more often the comedy is based around topics that are common for Adult Swim, ;). If you catch my drift... However the writing for this show is truly brilliant and I think that for me at least it results in more laughs per minute than any other Adult Swim show. The sheer combination of characters and ridiculous plots and character goals leads to some incredibly stupid and ridiculous situations and I love every single minute of it and if you like death metal, or really any kind of metal you will revel in it too.
All in all this is a great show that really captures the essence of heavy metal and makes it completely pant-peeingly hilarious. The main idea of the show, a death metal band that is an economic super power is purely brilliant and it leads to many a great plot. Then the characters and the voice acting really fill out the show to make it good. Finally the genius comedy that comes in forms of both metal cliché and Adult Swim type topics. So guys, go out and headband and watch the most brutal show on television.

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  1. I think nick was entirely modeled after corpsegrinder, particularly the tree trunk of a neck.