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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

So I totally just got done watching Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and I will assure you that it is indeed a most excellent film. There is a humorous and well done plot, decent acting (Even from Keanu Reeves!) and some very humorous scenes. This movie is essentially another take on Wayne's World. The general premise and characters are the same but the plot is completely different. Admittedly there are some major plot holes, but we're not going to discuss time travel theory in a comedy movie. All in all this is a great movie that is indeed most righteous. The premise itself was enough to keep me hooked.
The plot goes a bit something like this. Two best friends are about to flunk out of school, and if they do then Bill will have to go to a military academy in Alaska thus ending him and Ted's dreams to become rock stars. So an envoy is sent from the future were their society is based off the music of Bill and Ted's band. This guy gives them a time machine which they use to go back and time and gather a bunch of famous historical figures. However upon bringing them to the modern world they all quickly manage to get arrested D: . Fortunately Bill and Ted can bring them together just in time for their presentation which they get an A+ on.
The acting in this movie is reasonably well done. Ted is very well done and he brings out a youthful metalhead aura in his acting. However Keanu Reeves truly amazes me. In part due to my low expectations of him I was very impressed by his acting in this film. I mean he truly brings out the aura that Wayne has. An aura of a young metalhead who just wants to get a big break. The other characters are also well played. Keanu's father plays the repressive and angry military dad very well and the portrayals of historical figures where all excellent. All in all this movie has some pretty great acting.
The comedy in this movie is truly righteous. The majority of the time it falls into the same category as Wayne's World. It makes fun of stereotypes and allos hilarity to ensue. However some of the shiningest moments in this film come when the metalheads try and interact with the historical figures. It leads to moments where Abe Lincoln shouts, “Party on dudes!”. Or were Beethoven falls in love with Bon Jovi's classic album Slippery When Wet. This combination of historical figure meets real world comedy with metalhead humor is truly magic and it really creates a great aura for the film.
In conclusion this is an amazing movie that I really like and I think that any metalhead would find humorous. There is a decent plot, good acting and some moments of true hilarity. Also the righteous vocabulary of Bill and Ted has greatly expanded my own. So go ahead and watch this movie, it is sure to be a classic for legions of metal fans.
OVERALL 8.5/10


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