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Friday, June 10, 2011

Misery Fields

So here's another review of a band called Misery Fields. They're a really cool instrumental prog band wit ha sound that is both very full and very epic. They use a variety of instruments however they seem to use primarily violins, guitars, a bass, and drums. They have an epic sound and a lot of this is due to their medievalish violin sound. It gives the music a very interesting feel and slows down the whole atmosphere surrounding the music. The guitar sound is very powerful and there are some guitar solos here that simply tear your head off in their awesomeness. They are so melodic that it boggles the mind. Then there is the bass which has a powerful chunky feel to enhance the music. Finally the drums are epic, they have a lot of different fills and are often very elaborate. In general the drums are to die for on this EP. All in all this is a really cool band with a really epic sound. I would highly recommend that you go check them out. They have an excellent combination of a slow violin, riffing guitars, a powerful bass, and creative and fast drumming that forms a beautiful whole of music that dominates your ears.

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  1. Thanks, guys! I just had a bad few days of some people trashing my music, so you really picked me up with this!