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Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Neologist

I am now reviewing a pretty brutal melodeath band called The Neologist. (That is like the coolest name for a band that I have heard in a while). They have an incredible sound that is very much influenced by In Flames. In essence the sound of this band can be summed up as In Flames, but even more melodic and awesome. They have a roaring guitar sound, an epic synthesizers a killer drummer and some brutal vocals. The guitar sound of this band is heavily In Flames inspired, they have some solos that are just magical and so extremely melodic that I have to gasp. In the simplest form, the guitar is amazing. The synthesizer is also fantastic, it helps make the music really full and creates a level of melody that is simply mindboggling. The drums are also excellent, there are lots of powerful fills that are simply brutal. In short the instrumental portion of this group is truly excellent. Then the vocals in this band are fantastic, they are brutal and aggressive and make me clutch my ears and beg for mercy from their latent evil. The clean vocals are also majestic and very well done. The singer in this band has a way of attacking ones ear drums that is reminiscent of In Flames. In addition the lyrics of this band are well thought out and very dark. In short this is a great band which is basically extra melodic In Flames. So kudos to you guys, you rock.

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