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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lions among Wolves

This next review is gunna be a short one (the band only has 1 song). This is a cool metalcore group from LA They also have an excellent name with some extremely brutal portents. They have an extremely powerful and loud sound and they create some really strong metal core. The guitar sound is just extremely fast paced and vicious. The guitarists of this group create some extremely melodic stuff which just boggles the mind. The bassist is solid and he has some cool bass stuff and he locks in nicely with the drummer. The drummer of this band is excellent he has a lot of powerful fills and he really creates a powerful and full sound for the band with his sticks. The vocals are also pretty good, there are nice clean vocals as well as some brutal growls. All in all this is a really cool band with a powerful and melodic metalcore sound that I can not wait to hear more of.

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