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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rock n Roll Highschool

So tonight I decided to watch Rock n Roll high school, a classic rock and roll move from 1979. It has a pretty nice plot, good acting and some great comedy. The remarkable thing about this movie is how it takes all these solid elements and really captures the feel of the era. It shows the crazy lives of the kids who just loved music. It is insane, ridiculous and beautiful, but most of all it is the Ramones. The plot is ridiculous as is the acting, it really comes together with the comedy to create an excellent rock and roll experience. All in all this is a great movie for anybody who likes good ol' rock 'n' roll.
The plot of this movie is fairly unoriginal, it goes something like this. Vince Lombardi high has lost their last principal due to the nervous breakdown he suffered because of his students love for rock and roll. The school bad girl Riff Randall is the biggest Ramones fan in the school. She skips school for three days to get tickets to the show. Her best friend (the school nerd) Kate Rambeau covers for her. The cruel new Principal Togar tries to stop the kids from going to the concert but Riff manages to get tickets for all of her friends. Unfortunately Principal Togar steals their tickets. However the girls manage to win tickets in a radio contest and go to see the show. They convince The Ramones to come to their school where they rock out and eventually create an uprising and destroy the school building.
The acting in this movie is spot on. P.J. Soles can play the school bad girl so well because she WAS the school bad girl. Mary Woronov looks exactly like a principal with a vendetta against rock and roll would look like and she manages to increase our perception of her through her extremely tight demeanor in her acting. Finally The Ramones make the perfect punk rockers because they are pretty much, the perfect punk rockers. In the words of the chief of police, “Ugly, ugly people.”. All in all the acting in this movie is very well done and really creates a great atmosphere for the movie.
Finally the comedy in this movie is brilliant. There are just some scenes here that are so funny that I am almost crying. Whether it is the explanation on different types of bra straps or the reactions of mice to rock and roll this movie is truly funny. One of the best parts of this movie involves the music teacher who evolves from a man who thinks that music died at Beethoven to a 40 year old pothead punk. If you are looking for a movie to give you some giggles, you definitely want to look into this.
All in all this is a great movie that I think you should really watch. The plot is a tad generic but I mean if you bring the Ramones into anything its going to end up as pretty awesome. The acting is spot on, you get a feeling that these people really are their characters. In particular Riff Randall is very well done. Finally the comedy is just spot on with so many moments of pure genius it is just hard to count them all. So, go on out folks and watch this movie, you won't regret it. Its got everything a good rock comedy needs and more, so go out and do the BlitzKrieg bop for Rock n Roll Highschool.

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