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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Venus Blue

Oh yeah, Doom Metal time folks and I am loving it. This band Venus Blue has a really cool Doom sound. Venus Blue is a band that has such an amazing and unique sound it boggles the mind. Yet it all comes together and keeps its doom metal attraction. Listening to this band is like walking through a faerie wood, every bend has a unique and amazing surprise but it's all part of the same forest. There is a guitar sound that is excellent, the guitar lines are often slow but the hard and angry guitar riffs that come in song like Violet Narcotic completely offset the rest of the music and create an amazing punk like sound that makes me tap my feet and snap. The bass is incredibly solid and it has a lot of really cool fills. The drums are also excellent and frequently original. Finally the vocalist is a chameleon he covers a variety of styles with a voice that is always passionate and begging. In short this is a beautiful band with an incredible band that you really need to go check out.
OVERALL 9.5/10

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