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Saturday, June 25, 2011


I am now reviewing a killer thrash band, in the vein of Metallica. They have a harsh and aggressive sound that attacks your ears and leaves them as beat up bleeding morasses in awe at the frenzied guitar attack. The guitars on this album are truly something to be impressed by, there are extremely powerful and aggressive thrash riffs. There is so much sheer riffage in this band that I am just blown away. The guitars are incredibly powerful and have an amazing tone. The bass is pretty solid and in the song No Peace within a Shell there is a really cool bass fill thing. In general the bass gets pretty good coverage and helps create an impressive sound. Then there are the drums. Instead of having the boring lameo battered 16ths all the times there are lots of unique drum fills in this band and I like it a lot. In general the drums are excellent and they help to create an amazing feel for this band. Finally the vocals are excellent, they are Hetfield-esque and they are filled with anger and are very attacking. In short this band is like Metallica but it features significantly better drumming and is still producing cool music. Finally this band gets bonus points (not that they need them) for being from near where I lived in the States.
OVERALL 9.5/10

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  1. Hey thanks again for the review man, for those looking at it, you can hear the music at or go to to see more.