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Saturday, June 25, 2011


So now I am reviewing a decent group called Generation. They are a stoner rock band with some metal bits and they have an impressive psychedelic sound that is a treat to listen too. They have a decent guitar attack, a solid bass, cool drums, and vocals that both touch the stoner genre of music but also get into some pretty heavy metal. The guitar attack is impressive, the guitar parts are layered and there are some cool riffs here. In short the guitar is riffing and very impressive, so kudos to the guitarist. Then there is the bass, it is fairly solid and combines with the drums for solid rhythm. There also a few cool fills here and there that are enjoyable. Then there are the drums, the drums are fairly good, they build up energy very well and some of the drum fills just make me smile. Finally the vocals are pretty good, they are nothing overly brutal, in fact they are kind of distracted at times, however they are often grounded in reality and give this band a powerful emotional feel. In short this is a pretty great group with some excellent guitar riffs and cool vocals that are a treat for the eardrums.
OVERALL 8.5/10

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