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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

American Circus

So here I am, writing unsigned reviews, until compy dies. So today's first review is for a band called American Circus. They are a nice little alt rock band from Michigan. They have a reasonably good sound, with gentle guitars, a quiet piano, soft drums and calm vocals. This group is really a restrained one, the sound never explodes into what I want it to be. A few times it gets close but I feel that this band could be a lot better if their singer would just let go and turn into a rocking maniac. The problem for these guys is that they want a garage rock sound yet they don't have the balls to go crazy. I mean, its like The Doors vs. The Guess Who. These guys pose as garage rockers, but they are not true garage rockers, they're to restrained. Which is ok I guess, but they really could go a lot crazier. these guys have a decent sound at the base, but they don't take it to crazy person levels.

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