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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Matthew Sal

So now I'm reviewing Matthew Sal, he automatically gets bonus points for sharing a name with me. Asides from this he has some really nice folk guitar work. Here is a guys who is essentially a more technically advanced version of Van Morrison, and I love his work. The fingerpicking on this record is excellent, and the fact that he can fingerpick and play at the same time impresses me to no end. I mean, here is a talented folk artist WITH REAL TECHNICAL SKILL! In addition to the cool technical guitar Matt has an amazing voice. It's a bit generic but it comes across very well on the record and works well with the guitar. His voice while nothing to scream about just... works. Again, he's like Van Morrison, quietly awesome. To finish, Matthew Sal is one of the greatest fok musicians I have heard in a long time, go check him out.

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