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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hybrid 6.0

Hybrid 6.0 is an Industrial Electro group with some pretty fun sounds. There are some good synth loops, solid drums, and trippy vocals with wacky lyrics. The synthesizers are mostly focused in repeated loops, some of these loops are actually pretty sick. One of my favorites is in the first track Desired Effects where the Synth has a nice rock and roll feel. The drums are typically pretty simple and in the hip hop stile but it adds the appropriate mood to the music so the atmosphere is good. The vocals are not excellent but they are typical of the Industrial genre. In other words they are psychedilicish and sung mostly in the same key. In fact the vocals on this record are a bit of a combnation of hip hop and acid techno and they come across well enough. The lyrics are downright creepy ar times, especially in the intro the track He Bleeds Ferrari Red. To finish, Hybrid 6.0 s a decent electro group with some fun beats but nothing to amazing.

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