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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Noise Punk yay! One of the genres I love and should listen to more. And [gluestick] is a great example of this sick genre. These guys are gutsy and aggressive maniacs and their music just vibes with energy. The guitars are loud and the few discernible riffs are fun and well done. In fact the guitar work on this album reminds me of that on The Stooges last few albums, loud, rude and proud, and completely insane. And trust me, these guys rock because of it. The bass is also wild and hectic, the bass riff in False Holds is excellent and comes across really well. The drums are beautifully simple and provide a good feel to the music. Finally the vocals top it all off they are shrieked and crazy and cement the Noise Punk feel. My only wish for this band would be that they up the production just a tad so that the vocals are easier to here. Otherwise these guys are similar to The Stooges and they have created some great punk.

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