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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bridge the Divide

I was initially dreading reviewing this band, but as I listen to them I find that they are actually kind of awesome. Bridge the Divide is essentially Five Finger Death Punch with clean vocals. I mean they have everything, they have riffing loud guitar parts with occasional acoustic breakdowns, a heavy bass solid metal drumming and vocals that alternate between rapped and clean. There are some definite differences but these guys are a good English alternative to FFDP. The guitar work is really aggressive with a lot of hardcore style riffs. There are some nice solos too. The bass is really heavy thudding in your ears and making them bleed. The drums are average and defintely come from a metal back ground. They play at half tempo to the rhythm guitar part meaning that there is a different feel to the music. Singing on this band s split between rapping and clean vocals. The rapping usually comes in the verse and the choruses feature clean vocals. There are occasinal death growls and they are average but don't appear often enough to really affect the sound. Overall this is a pretty decent band with a fun sound.

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