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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Under Oceans

Jesus Christ, This latest band Under Oceans s possibly the most aggressive thing I have heard this summer. This group has a lot going for it. They have huge crunchy guitar riffs, solid bass work and drums. And finally really really angry vocals. Then there is just enough of a unique feel to make this band really worse something. To start, the guitars have amazing varied riffs. They have something of an Five Finger Death Punch Feel but they is a higher riff per song average than FFDP. The bass is solid but could be turned up to have more kick. The drums are decent and while not mindblowing they do some decent things. Yet it is the vocals that really catch me. The growls are raging but they are more fantasy focused than many other hardcore metal bands. The other unique aspect about this band is how they will occasionally toss in a weird techno style loop with a voice saying something like “Do you believe in Werwolves.” At other times there will be a stutter effect on the growls adding a techno type feel. To finish, this band is cool aggressive and they have fantasy lyrics. WIN.
OVERALL 9.5/10

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