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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jazz in My Pants


(Inside Joke Sorry)

Right so sorry for the break between reviews but I was in America and things have been weird and I've been sick. So today I am reviewing the hilariously named horn band Jazz in My Pants and their new album Jazz All over The Walls. This group is certainly the most metal that I have ever reviewed :D. They have a really nice sound with some excellent arrangements and a good mastery of the instruments. The sole drawback is the meh production quality. In addition to their arrangements and technical skill are some of the great tracks they have selected to cover. All in all this is a fun jazz band with a great sound and some great music.

Speaking as an experienced and Sexy Saxophonist I really appreciate what this band can do. They have some tracks that are really well arranged. For me this is one of the most impressive parts of the band, the way they can lock together in ths setting. There is a decent amount of technical skill shown on all the tracks but some show musical brilliance. For example Saint James Infirmary Blues which is a high powered American jazz tune featuring a memorable intro. The big problem with this record is the mixing, this album was recorded completely live and there are some parts where you can clearly tell. Throughout many of the tracks you can here people talking in the background. While this adds a bit of a raunchy feel to the music it makes really degrades from the quality. In addition on certain tracks the mixing just ends up screwy and you can't hear certain instruments.

Fortunately the track selection is excellent and makes for a lot of fun listening. Some of the best Include The Pirates of the Carribean Theme and Misirlou. The tracks on this album all have a very live and uncut feel and make the music sound very young and happy. Another one of my favorite tracks on this record is Stomping in the Savoy, it has a really nice upbeat feel to it. I am also glad to report that the cover of Ace of Spades made me smile, it did a good job capturing the raunchy air of a Motorhead Recording. My one request of this band is more original music. Their one original, Jazz in Mein Hosen is very well done. I wish that Jazz in My Pants next record was made up of originals. (I know this would take forever but please you guys could be so good.)

All in all this is a great band with a really nice feel and some cool tunes. There is a high level of musicality on this record and there are some very fun cover tracks. The best track is probably Saint James Infirmary Blues, don't worry guys, I'll leak it. (Speaking of leaks if you're interested comment if you'd like some new Instant Witness). I feel that with some more cash for production this band could really reach the next level and play more festivals. To finish, Jazz in My Pants has the capability to be a good jazz band, but they really need to up the mixing a notch, and when they do, they will be kings.


  1. Hi, I'm James Burton (Black Trumpet Player) of Jazz In My Pants; thanks for the great review! With regards to the quality of the recordings, we have never profesionally recorded any of our songs but we are thinking of doing so in a recording studio in the future. And how did you find 'Jazz In Meine Hose'? I composed that one.
    Thanks :D

  2. dood
    Im friends with yates
    Jazz In Meine Hose was fun i liked it a lot :D

    tell yates to email me when you record in a real studio
    you guys are awesome!