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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Reviews could stop for up to 3 weeks, depending on how hard its going to be to make the changes I need to make. However, I'm going to give you guys an update.

1. We have capped 500 readers who have visited the site more than 100 times, with 300 visiting 200 or more, you guys are awesome.

2. We plan to start a major overhaul of the site. I don't know html, so the blogger tools are driving me nuts graphics wise. Anyway, I'm going to give you guys a brief overview of the planned layout ahead of time, so the people who regularly return will know whats going on right off that bat.

There will be two main pages for the site. The first page is going to be our "businessy page". I'm calling it the main page. Its going to be straightforwards, there are tabs, click on them. I'm condensing the info pages into one. Exciting thing I shouldn't be telling you, we probably scored an interview with alestorm. We hope we will be able to do a few interviews from time to time. On this page we will also have a tab for signed band reviews.

The second page is the important one, the page for unsigned band reviews. I think the interface I'm setting up is pretty clean and unobtrusive, we'll need a few people to offer to take a look at the site once I've finished formatting all of the pages to verify that its easy to use. Essentially, you navigate to the "underground" section of things, and all you will see is some text, an itunes coverflow type thing, and the title. Navigate cover flow with your mouse and click on a smaller umbrella genre. Then, if I can figure out how to make this work, there will be a bunch of band logo thumbnails on the left side, and a large window on the right. Mouse over a band logo and you'll get a quick synopsis on the right hand window including the bands name, the intro paragraph, and the score. click to pull up the full review. We still do non-metal review though, and in the title there are two arrows, use these to switch between the metal, rock, and blues sections. The rock and blues sections will likely not include the genre sorting for a while until we really start cranking out a lot of reviews.

Other notes, we hope to register our own domain name, and this will cost money, so we need to look into a non annoying way to monetize. Matt and I both like amazon links because we regulate what it links to, but we might need to look elsewhere. No annoying random ads or anything, but maintenance costs on the wix platform could reach 150 a year, if the cost is going to be prohibitively expensive, we will be staying here.

Finally, quality control needs to be young. Matt and I started off writing some really rough material. We had no experience, we're young, we've still got some time to go before we reach a  "professional" level. My plan is to delete all of the signed reviews i've done, and then start rewriting unsigned reviews starting with the oldest first until what I rewrite is, IMO, no better than the review that originally was written immediately afterwards. This is going to gum thing up a bit again.

So now everyone is clear that we aren't stopping the project, ill post a link here when the other site is ready.

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