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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rapid Transit

Rapid Transit is a fairly trippy Instrumental Prog Rock band from Hauverhill Maine. They have a really weird guitar sound. It sounds very wavy and a lot of the wahhed out riffs make me dizzy. That is to say, this band has a really cool but weird sound that somehow clicks. There is a nice contrast in the guitar work from the riffing first guitar and the solid rhythm guitar and bass. At times the bass is almost pulsing in your ear, particularly on the track Winter Winds where the bass is like the beating heart of the band. The drums are decent but they are not very technical. That is one of the big let downs of the band, the meh drumming. Typically prog rock has good drumming, yet this band sadly does not make the cut. Otherwise this band is a decent group with an odd sound but a good one nonetheless.

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