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Friday, September 9, 2011


Now its time for a totally irrelevant post to the rest of the site. I'll be upfront about why I'm doing this, I needed a stock photo for a school project and I don't have access to a credit or debit card. I shot the webmaster at cut-caster an email and asked him if there was any way to work out a deal for an image in exchange for a service on the web. He offered that I could link his site on a blog or website. Typically, I wouldn't be doing this, this is totally unrelated to the focus of the blog / site, but, I feel like there's something for the readers to gain through this link, that is, a stock photo site that doesn't commit a highway robbery on all of their sales. Seriously, if you need stock photos, istockphoto charges as much as 5x what cutcaster does on stock images. Also, if you just need a stock image and nothing more, there are no accounts to sign up for, no annoying points bundles that you *have* to buy. You just type in your billing info, download the image, and your done.

EDIT: I've decided not to use the image I selected as I have gunned down another image that fits my purposes better, however, I am going to post this anyway because I feel like this site is legitimately a useful site that should get some more exposure.

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