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Friday, September 9, 2011


Good evening my good readers, to start you off today We're gunna have some fun post rock from a band named Sinatra. They are notable for their death growls put over top seemingly out of place clean bossa style guitar riffs. Its interesting to hear the contrast in the music between the harsh growls of the lead singer to the music which is pretty much the opposite. The guitar plays funk/folk/soft rock lines. None of these are overly complicated but they are very appealing to the ear. The bass lines are typically walking and also pretty simple and providing great contrast to the vocals. Finally the drums are the epitome of soft rock and have lots of nice and “easy on the ears” fills. Yet all this boring normalcy is beautifully shut down and turned around by the vocals. The growls are light compared to the real stuff yet it is hard enough to make the music brutal and weird. Overall this is a nice band with a sound I am not sure I am entirely fond of. Yet it certainly is creative.
OVERALL 7.5/10

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