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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Furious Horde

Today I'm trying to get back to the reviews and try to get a bit of a head start before school. So today we kick off with Furious Horde, also know as one of the most kvlt bands of the year. They have a ferocious attack which is nicely complimented by their symphonic keyboards. The guitars are brutal, they are in some ridiculously low tuning with amazingly low tone and the effect on your ear drums is amazing. The riffs are in the traditional black metal style, simple and aggresive. The bass is powerful and gives the music a lot of soul. Lazarus is the drummer and with his gas mask he is far and away the coolest black metal drummer on the English scene. To compliment his look he has some really amazing drum fills which could do with a bit more originality. The keyboards are probably my favorite part of this band. They play slow and beautiful fills and provide great contrast to the brutal guitars. Finally the vocals are pretty good. They are low and brutal and have a certain aggression to them. In addition the growls are clearly articulated and showing off the excellent black lyrics.
OVERALL 9.5/10

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