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Saturday, September 3, 2011

When the Sun Burns Out

When the Sun Burns Out is a proggy metalcore band. They have powerful and aggressive riffs with feeling and a heavy bass. Their drums are excellent. And they have brutal vocals with similarly dark lyrics. Some of the riffs here remind me a lot of The Devil Wears' Prada new album Dead Throne. They have an inherently listenable quality even though they are really brutal. Their are a few solid breakdowns which give a good break to the high powered riffs. The bass is steady and is really heavy giving a really nice sound to the band. The drums are solid and have a nice combination of fills that are quite enjoyable. the vocals are mostly growls with a few nice little clean vocal lines for flavor. Both are reasonably good. In particular the growls are very black metal-ish to my ear. All in all this is a very solid band with a really powerful sound reminiscent of TDWP with fewer clean parts. Go check em out.

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