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Monday, September 5, 2011


So, good morning everyone, I am so glad to kick of this day because Synyrgy is easily one of the greatest garage band since the White Stripes. The sound reeks of them and thus, Synyrgy rocks. With songs reminiscent of the Hives and the Stripes these guys rock the house. the guitar has tons of high distortion blues based riffs. The solos are also in the Jack White style, they feature heavy use of the octave pedal. In short the guitar has a ton of riffage and lots of fun punk-blues style riffs. the guitar work is pure Garage Rock. The bass is excellent too and has some tasty little fills. The bass line in What You Can't Have is particularly good because it adds a whole new level to the music. The drums are very simplistic and very much in the Meg White style. Then the vocals are sick, they are slightly nasal and rather high leaving a nice impression on your ear drums. To finish Synyrgy is an amazing garage rock band with a sound very similar to that of the modern garage movement. They have the energy and the power to create a fun atmosphere and they really just rock the house.

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