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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Chromatic Massacre

Oh yeah, technical Death Metal FTW y'all. Chromatic Massacre is an extremely brutal death metal band straight out of Bangladesh. These guys represent one of the greatest unsigned technical death metal acts that I have heard in a very long time. lets start with the guitars. there are insane aggressive riffs with great fills and licks going up and down the fretboard. The guitarists in this band are amazing, they can make all sorts of riffs up seemingly on the spot. And his solos boggle the mind. The sheer technical skill represented here is at least on par with that of the old In Flames or Hammerfall. yet they know when to hold back on the shredding fills and they have some extremely cool power chord based riffs during the verses. The bass is solid and gets a pretty big role in this group. One song where the bass really gets to shine is in the track Internal Vomitory where he really digs in and anchors the band down. The drums are rock solid and have a ton of great fills and they go at an unbelievably fast rate just ripping down barriers and driving the music ahead at manic pace. Then there are the vocals which are brutal on the level of Children of Bodom. They are INSANE, they are black and evil and contain ALL THAT IS DEATH METAL!  The lyrics are typically twisted and following in the footsteps of Slayer and Cannibal Corpse. Overall this is a really sick death metal band with an amazingly technical guitarist and powerful sound. I pray to god that they one day get signed.
 OVERALL 10/10

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  1. horns up brother.,,,,,,truly they r gr8.......when it comes to metal......\m/