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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Attacking The Mind

So I always get nervous when I'm reviewing metalcore because sometimes it comes out as intelligent and powerful metal and other times it comes out as a pile of crap. (Think Trivium VS Older DWP). And here I am happy because the metalcore is actually decent! Straightforward lyrics and pretty intelligent ones at that lead to a really great EP. The guitars have some fairly simple riffs but they manage to nicely accentuate the lyrics and lead to some fun listening. The bass too is fairly solid and while it does not especially shine it gets the job done. The drums are completely on point and meet the needs very well. Finally the growls are great and the lyrics are actually really well done for a kid from Iowa. OH right I forgot to mention, one of the things that makes this guy truly a hero in my eyes is that he's pproducing solid metalcore BY HIMSELF. He listens to a relatively unpopular genre of musc but that does not stop him from being cool.

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