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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Good Timing

Good Timingis a pretty heavy blues rock band with some really powerful riffs and a fun sound. Let's start with the guitar. Theriffs on this record are amazing and the eponymous track features a killer. The pentatonic fills and solos lead to some really great 70s style rock. Their are nice chord based figures too like in Baby Don't leave Me featuring acoustic and distorted riffs. The bass is typically pretty simple but its walking lines help to cement this band in its blues based feel and assure that the band never srays to far from its roots. The drums  have a great brumbeat air to them and are really fun. They give you music you can dance to with their catchy fills and fun rhythm parts. Finaly we have the vocals, at first I felt them to be below the quality of the music as they have a bit of a punk-pop feel. but after a while I started to like them and now I can honestly say that I am truly fond of the vocals of Good Timing. Overall Good Timing is a really nice band with a fun blues-rock sound and powerful fills that lead to old fashioned rock and roll.

Overall 9.5/10

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