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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Buried By the Dead

Buried By the Dead is an extremely awesome melodic death metal band that really needs to improve their facebook presence. This band has some of the sickest and most riffing guitar parts I have heard in a while. The overall quality of the riffs is very high, and that makes this band awesome. While many of the riffs seem to come from an In Flames-ish direction there are definitely other cool influences in the music. There is some great headbanging to be had when listening to Buried By the Dead. In addition to that the solos are pretty awesome and give the music a great feel. The bass parts are very solid and give the music a lot of power in the breakdowns. The drums are fairly solid and get a nice In Flames feel going on some of the riffs. Then we have the vocals which are very powerful and feature all of the anger and evil as those of Children of Bodom. Overall Buried By the Dead is really good, but they don't have a facebook page. Actually they have a group, with two band members and me. So guys in Buried By the Dead, heads up! You'r band is completely awesome but get in the facebook game! Thats where it's at now days!
Overall 9.5/10

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