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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Stay Until Wednesday

Stay Until Wednesday is an excellent instrumental progressive metal group that features some really great musicianship especially on the part of the drums. The guitars are very solid and while they do show off a little the amazing virtuosity typical of the genre they add on to their more technical parts with some very solid punk like riffs. I am actually rather fond of these as they help give Stay Until Wednesday their own feel instead of making them into the same old “Dream Theater without vocals” thing so many bands do nowadays. The bass here is extremely solid in particular the tracks Eyes of Glass features some amazing bass work. Then we have the drums, which are some of the greatest I have heard. While they are a mixed a bit loud that's perfectly fine because the technical skill of the drummer is amazing and it's a pleasure to hear him play. In conclusion Stay Until Wednesday is a very solid progressive metal group with lots of nice flavorful playing and some cool punk inspired riffs.

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