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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall of Emotions

Haha yes, we get to start the evening off with a load of symphonic metalcore. And Fall of Emotions is a great example of a band of this genre. With heavy and varied riffs reminiscent of Trivium combined with strong piano parts sick bass and drums. Together they form Fall of Emotions a most excellent metalcore band. The guitar riffs are exceptional. I have heard VERY few metalcore bands with riffs this good. Another impressive factor about all these riffs is the fact that there's quite a few in every song. This leads to some extremely tasty music. In addition the solos are usually very good and definitely have a lot of emotion behind them. The bass to is very steady with fairly powerful lines that help give the guitar riffs soul and might during the raging loud bits and help make the music feel deeper on the acoustic parts. The drums are also exceptional, some of the passages here just exemplify the modern metalcore scene. The drums on the track Love is the Most Beautiful Thing in the World are simply perfect. The keyboards too are positively excellent. They add a lot of soul and help give a bit of synth feel to the acoustic passages and help make the harder parts sound symphonic. My soul advice for this band is to get a singer, one who can handle these amazing songs and can give them even more life and power than they currently have.

OVERALL 9.75/10

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