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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fade to Oblivion

Fade to Oblivion is a very solid and powerful metalcore act with some great riffs and solos, decent bass lines really heavy but still creative drums and sick growls contrasted by clean vocals. The guitar on this record is fairly heavy and it has a bunch of As I Lay Dying type riffs (anybody else excited for Decas?). In addition to a variety of heavy riffs there are some really sick semi-shred solos that are a blast to listen too. The bass on this record is actually pretty significant for a metalcore release, on good example of the importance of the bass is how it keeps the beat under the crazy riffing guitar in The Nightmare Within. The drums are pretty solid too and have some interesting fills that I am definitely going to be showing to my bands drummer. Finally we have the vocals. The growls are excellent and they feature a sick evil to them that makes them truly METAL. The clean vocals while not mindblowing are still decent and get a good contrast to the growls. Still better clean vocals might be good. Overall Fade To Oblivion is a really cool and headbanging metalcore band with a great sound. Go check out their facebook.
OVERALL 9.5/10 

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