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Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Haunted Mantra

A Haunted Mantra is a heavy explorative melodic death metal band from Charlotte. They have a remarkably aggressive sound with down tuned guitars that are almost doomy at times. in fact the rhythms rarely go into blaring 16th note power chords that try to burn your ears out. Instead there is a much heavier and more solid sound found here in the slower riffs. There are also some pretty sick melodic parts that help give the album feel. A particularly good surprise was the acoustic breakdown in Final Hour. The bass parts are reasonably solid and help give some flavor the over powering guitar bits. Then the drums are really well done, they seem kind of subdued at times, and while this detracts from the aggressiveness of the tracks it helps make the songs more unique. Yet it's still awesome to have a hard hitting drum intro like in the track Agincourt. The growls are pretty deep and help give the music a very powerful edge. However they are fairly mid range and don't go into the mind ripping brutality that you can get from Suicide Silence. Overall A Haunted Mantra is a really cool and experimental melodic death metal band that really goes beyond just metal.
OVERALL 8.5/10

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