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Saturday, November 19, 2011

This Day we Fight

This Day we Fight is a British metal band with a sound a bit like a variant of Five Finger Death Punch. They have hard hitting growling vocals and aggressive guitar parts contrasted by much more melodic singing. The guitars here have some really great riffs but I think that if they tuned lower they could get a much more aggressive sound. Some of the solos on this record too are really impressive and they have a great shred feel. The bass is really heavy and in some places comes to dominate the music and add a level of aggression. The drums are hard hitting and while simple they do the job while keeping  the sound bare boned and angry. Then we have the vocals, the growls are solid but they are rather high. One might even compare them to Lemmy Kilmeisters type of singing. I would prefer it if this band had some deeper more brutal growlng to compliment the music. As for the clean vocals I sometimes feel like it is only so much yelling. More clean lyrics would help give this band more contrast. All in all This Day We Fight is a fairly decent and straightforward hard rock band probably worth a listen.


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