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Saturday, November 5, 2011


Phantomime comes from Boca Raton (hey my grandma lives near there!) Florida. They have a weird and unique hard-rock punk type sound that features some weird influences which leads to some cool sounds. The guitar parts on this record are pretty simple and straightforward, almost reminiscent of My Chemical Romance in some places. Yet in other places there is some sick shredding. The bass is reasonably solid and helps give the punk type riffs a bit more power and gives them some soul. To give some rhythm the drums are also very solid. While not spectacular they have a good amount of flavor and help the band rock it. A particularly good drum passage is during the instrumental part of Dragonfly. The vocals are almost like a more shouty version of My Chemical Romance. They are fairly good however at some points they can get a little generic. My big problem with this band is that the way some of the tracks are produced it feels like you're hearing from the song from a distance. It kind of unsettles me. Asides from that issue Phantomime is a nice, and intelligent punk-pop band thats not afraid to have some awesome solos and get a little metal.

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