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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hopes Held High

Hopes Held High is a power melodic death metal band with a pretty nice sound. The guitar riffs are extremely solid and feature a lot of nice Soilwork flavored riffs. Their is a nice combination of single not riffs versus power chord dominated parts. This helps to create some nice melodic metal with a nice atmosphere to it. The bass is pretty solid but this being a death metal band it does not have a huge role to play. Still it adds a decent amount to the music and gives Hopes Held High a little flavor. The drums are pretty solid and now that I think about it they have some really fun beats to give the music a nice kick to it. The growls are solid and often in the vein of In Flames. They have a lot of aggression to them but they are not deep and crushing like those of Frozen Infinity singer Anthrax. All in all hopes Held high is a failry solid melodeath band with a really good sound. If you're into melodic death metal and are looking for new music after listening to Clayman for the millionth time check out these guys.'
OVERALL 8.5/10 

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