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Friday, November 4, 2011


So now for some interesting heavy punk. in RattleSnake. These guys have created a very solid punk band with a sound a bit like Richard Hell. there are some pretty solid guitar riffs here all sorted by a nice bass and cool drums. Then the vocals layer on top for more flavor. Let's go a bit more in depth now with the guitar, the riffs seems for the most part to be fairly Ramones influenced, they are fairly straightforward and they are often pretty catchy. But after a while they get kind of meh because they lack the special pop or buzz to them that makes them fun. This might be in part because the bass is REALLY loud and actually makes the band sound a little heavier than they might want to because its making their sound kind of muddy. The drums are perfectly done though and fit the music very well, but after a while the simple fills get meh. Last we have the vocals which are half shouted and have some nice raw power behind them. I feel that overall they are ok but they don't blow my mind and they don't really catch my ear. All in all RattleSnake is an ok band but they could do to be catchier and make their music more fun.

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