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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Shorthand Phonetics

shorthand Phonetics is a bizarre and uniquely interesting indie punk band. Their sounds are among the most unique I have ever heard. They are in the process of writing a sort of really trippy rock opera/multi-album epic, and I can not wait to hear it. The guitar has a combination of influences. The two most common are punk and indie. The punk parts usually go under the vocal lines and help give this record a punk feel. Then the guitar solo parts get a lot weirder  and head out into a more indie direction. Along with the general pop feel that stalks the guitars throughout the album you get a really cool and trippy listening experience. The bass lines are pretty straightforward and the majority of the time they follow a punk type riff pattern and generally give the music soul. Then we have the drums, these are some of the most evolved drums that I have heard in a while, the drums at the beginning of Cantata No. 6 are extremely well done. Last we have the vocals, at first they seem kind of nasal but after you get used to them they sem to fit the music pretty well and help make the record more unique. OVeral shorthand Phonetics is a really cool and really unique band that combines so many influences it melts my head.


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