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Saturday, December 3, 2011


Hhogwash is a really great melodic death core band with some of the most best riffs I have heard in while. Their guitars are melodic and heavy, their bass roars through the mix while the drums give the music a manic energy and fuel the hyper aggressive growls. In short Hhogwash is one of the greatest death metal acts of the year. The guitar parts feature some very catchy parts reminiscent of some older In Flames tracks. In addition to this they do what so many bands fail to do, they connect with the listener and make him want to mosh. In the meantime the bassist is extremely solid with his 4 strings adding soul to the music. The drums are hectic and aggressive and give the band a high tempo to drive forward the rhythm. The vocals are half screamed half growled and very good. They have enough aggression in them to surmount the giants like Children of Bodom and prove that they can take their own place on the scene. In conclusion Hhogwash is one of the greatest Melodic Death Metal bands in the world right now and you REALLY need to go check them out!

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