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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Oh Man Oh God

Any band that starts off their record with a track title Elizabeth Bathory Blood and Vengeance has to be pretty awesome right? Oh Man Oh God certainly is. With a progressive sound Oh Man Oh God manages to draw the listener in to their swirling riffs and masterful mixes and give them a headbanging good time. The guitar riffs are solid and the harder riffs remind me of Suicide Silence yet pther parts can be very experimental at times and add a whole lot of flavor to the band. The bass parts on this record are extremely heavy and help drag the band into a metal oblivion. Working with the guitars the bass makes some of the headbangingest riffs I have ever heard. The drums to are extremely well done and do not really too much on the double bass drum and feature some very creative lines. The vocals to are very aggressive and there is a hatred incorporated in the singing which is rarely found in modern metal bands. In conclusion Oh Man Oh God is one of the greatest Prog Death acts that I have ever heard and they have a lot of potential and power in their music.
OVERALL 9.5/10

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