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Monday, December 19, 2011


So time for some doomy thrash metal from Web a band that takes thrash metal to the outer limits. With crazy guitar riffs, a really heavy bass, bass beating drums and aggressive Tom Araya-like vocals Web creates some cool thrash songs that leave you with an impending sense of terror. The base of this sound is found in the guitar work. The guitar riffs are extremely well written and they carry an atmosphere of destruction with them. The solos are pretty decent and while not always extremely technical they have that thrash metal feel and have a hectic attack and occasionally do some of the crazy shredding we love so much here at Two Guys.. The bass is turned up really high giving the band a very heavy and brutal sound to add to their attack. The drum work is pretty straightforward and doesn't do anything to unexpected. Still the rhythm section is overall extremely solid and has a crazy frantic feel that makes the music exceptional. The vocals remind a lot of those of Tom Araya of Slayer and his half growls. Admittedly the vocals here might be a bit heavier than Tom's but they are excellent nevertheless. All in all Web is a very brutal and aggressive thrash metal band that has enough creativity to be different from the rest and have their own special style. Go check em out!
OVERALL 9.5/10

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