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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


A band with goat in it's name, is the first sign that that group will rock. They have a very solid death metal sound that is sufficiently ripped and brutal enough to be called Kvltkrieg. Their sound is chaotic and insane feeling, there is so much happening at once yet somehow it works. The combination of vocals lines, the crazy guitar parts, weird bass rhythms and hectic drumming somehow manage to come together and create an amazing sound. There are essentially three types of vocals in Goatfight, there is a hardcore death metal growl, a Lemmy like thing, and then clean vocals. All three of these are reasonably well done and their mixing helps add chaos to the music. The guitar parts are very impressive, and feature some amazing death metal riffs that you just want to headbang too. The solos show off some major shredding chops too and let us see how cool the guitarists really are. The bass work is pretty average, it does infuse the music with soul though and helps to drag the music down. Then we have the drums, the hectic crazy amazing drums, they barely keep the band together yet they have something to them that helps to perfect this band. So yeah, go check out Goatfight people, you won't regret it!

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